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Answers from the Afterlife

Answers from the Afterlife

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Answers From The Afterlife, which is in Question and Answer format, combines the insights and wisdom of the author s readers with the information she obtained while in the afterlife. This book sheds new light on many traditional spiritual beliefs, including whether the purpose of life is to evolve or learn how to love, whether ghosts are real, after-death communications without a medium, reincarnation, soulmates, pets in the afterlife, life in the afterlife, and more. The author also tackles such thorny issues as suicide, why there is evil in the world, religious beliefs based on the Bible, and human sexuality -- all with clarity, compassion, and firm guidance away from human superstitions. This book addresses the topics specifically requested by the author s readers since her first book, BACKWARDS, was published in 2007.
Nanci L. Danison
Author Bio

Nanci L. Danison holds a BS in biology (anatomy & physiology) and chemistry magna cum laude; a BA in psychology magna cum laude; and a doctorate in jurisprudence. She had a nation-wide litigation and health law practice for 36 years and is ranked in the top 5 percent of attorneys nationwide for competence and ethics in the Martindale-Hubbel Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers. She has been ranked as one of the Top Lawyers in Central Ohio for years and has been recognized in Who’s Who in American Law for leadership and competency. Ms. Danison has served on the Boards of Directors of local and national non-profit organizations and represented the local bar association for years by doing TV interviews on the Noon News. Ms. Danison has written 5 books detailing the experiences she lived and information she received in the afterlife following her 1994 death. She has come back from the dead four times and devotes her entire life to sharing the messages she has brought back from God. Ms. Danison has also written numerous articles, has given many workshops that were turned into CDs or DVDs, and has spoken to national audiences for the International Association of Near-Death Studies, Inc. and Edgar Cayce Institute. In the past few years, she has been interviewed by several celebrities, including Jenny McCarthy, Shirley MacLaine, Dr. Brenda Wade, and George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast AM.