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Diane Lang (Author)
Hannah Rosengren (Author)

Wicked Wild Poems of the Pine Tree State

Wicked Wild Poems of the Pine Tree State

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McSea Books
8.5 X 11 in
32 pg

4 - 99 (Interest age, years)

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From salamanders to seagulls and every tree, bush, and animal in between, these poems celebrate the familiar wild living things we cherish from the Maine woods to the craggy windswept coastline.

From pelicans to porcupines,

Blueberries to bears,

Maine holds gems of nature

That are beautiful and rare—

From tide pools to our soaring pines,

From dragonflies to deer.

Turn a page and come inside;

They’re waiting for you here!

Diane Lang Hannah Rosengren
Author Bio

Diane Lang is a picture book writer and volunteer educator at several California nature centers. She loves learning about how all aspects of nature work together and enjoys writing about animals and plants for children of all ages. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two dogs, two desert tortoises, and one sweet (really!) tarantula. Nature poems and activities, and a list of her books, can be found on her website:

Hannah Rosengren is an illustrator with a passion for fostering a sense of stewardship for the natural environment through her work. She is currently based in her hometown of South Portland, Maine. To learn more visit