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Karen Schaufeld (Author)
Kurt Schwarz (Author)

Vultures: A Love Story

Vultures: A Love Story

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Quidne Press
8.75 X 8.75 in
46 pg

5 - 9 (Interest age, years)

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Little Igor (eye-gore), a vulture, was born with a limp and an unusual feather sticking up from his otherwise bald head. This tale is about appreciating our differences and our skills, and recognizing that we all deserve love.

Karen Schaufeld Kurt Schwarz
Author Bio

Karen Schaufeld is the Co-Founder of All Ages Read Together, an organization dedicated to educating children in need with free preschool programs in their communities. She is also Co-founder and President of 100WomenStrong, which uses strategic philanthropy to improve the lives of local residents. In addition, Karen is the CEO and Co-founder of Altor Locks which has created the world’s lightest, strongest bike lock. She is an advocate for the growth of renewable energy in Virginia and founded Powered By Facts to spread awareness about Virginia energy policy. Karen resides in Virginia with her husband Fred and has three children and 4 dogs. Vultures, A Love Story, is her fourth book. She previously published The Lollipop Tree, Larry and Bob, and How to Eat a Peach.

Kurt Schwarz is a realist painter specializing in portraiture, still life, and landscape. His skill in capturing the complex nature of his subjects has contributed to his reputation of being one of Virginia's finest artists. Kurt's career highlights include six solo exhibitions and publication in fine art magazines, including international publication, The American Artist.  He has illustrated all four of Karen Schaufeld's children's books.