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Irwin Math (Author)

Understanding Basic Electricity

Understanding Basic Electricity

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Finally, a concise, interesting, and clearly written book which explains electricity to readers who don’t have a technical background. All examples and situations discussed are related to the home. This book is intended for all persons, from curious young teens to adults who want to have a better understanding of this important power source. Irwin Math's book will give the ordinary person without a technical background a general idea of what electricity is, how it is produced, how we use and measure it, as well as the dangers involved with its misuse. A previous technical understanding of electricity is absolutely not necessary, and the book does not contain any complicated mathematics. Only one simple easy-to-understand formula is provided -- no more!!  The information given will also allow the lay person to begin to understand and even troubleshoot faulty devices, make simple repairs (often saving money in the process) and approach electricity with the respect it deserves. By carefully reading the chapters one will not only attain a good basic knowledge of electricity but be able to talk to an electrician, when necessary, knowing and understanding pretty much what he or she is explaining.

Irwin Math
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