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Tickety Boo and the Mythological Creatures 2

Tickety Boo and the Mythological Creatures 2

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Hwin & Little Bear Press
8.75 X 11.25 in
52 pg

4 - 9 (Interest age, years)

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Do you wish you could travel back in time?

Would you like to see monsters from the past?

Then come join Tickety Boo, the rare blue cockatoo, as he uses his special powers to return to Ancient Greece in search of the fantastical creatures from mythology.

He flies over the islands and swoops down to find out what might be hidden in the caves, the swamps, and the mountains. Each creature will give clues in a rhyming scheme to help the reader guess its name. The answer is revealed in a full-color illustration on the following page.

See how much you know about the beasts from the past, while playing this fun guessing game. Learn new vocabulary and gain knowledge through the stories from the past. Impress your friends, you family, and your teachers!

Don’t forget to buy both Tickety Boo and the Mythological Creatures 1 and 2 and own the set!

Karen Busch Holman Lucy Bermingham
Author Bio

Lucy Bermingham began writing children’s books 12 years ago with a story that documented the antics of her 4 children, when they were quite young. Her two young grandchildren, Amu and Liam, are the inspiration for the Tickety Boo book series. Lucy earned her MA from City University London, Laban Centre and has been teaching at St. John’s University in the Department of Art and Design. In addition, she was recently a Co-Professor in the Dance Department at Mount Holyoke College, where she received her BA. Dance has remained a strong passion.
Karen Busch Holman is a full-time fine artist and children's book illustrator living in Barrington, NH. She has combined her years of experience as a fine artist, children's book illustrator, graphic designer and interior architect into one package by creating Hwin and Little Bear Press, a publishing company in NH. She lives with her husband Jeff, sons Tyler and Todd, Buddy the dog, Patty the cat and her horse herd of Hwin and Little Bear.