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Robert Brighton (Author)

The Unsealing

The Unsealing

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Copper Nickel Press
6 X 9 in
416 pg

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This highly anticipated debut novel by Robert Brighton is inspired by a true crime ‘murder

of the century’ and transports us to Buffalo, New York, set against the backdrop of Gilded

Age splendor and excess…

Named BookLife “Editor’s Pick” - “… Written with grace and power …”

Love, Lust, and Murder in the Gilded Age

Buffalo, New York, 1901 … a muscular, young city, Queen of the Lakes … The Electric City …

where the money spent to build Newport mansions and Park Avenue townhouses is made, plays

host to the world’s greatest fair, the Pan-American Exposition and its 8,000,000 guests.

Less than a mile from the great spectacle, a web of love, lust, and intrigue is forming among the elite

Ashwood Set. But life is never fast enough, or high enough, for the Ashwood Set, who plunge

headlong into a deadly whirlpool of official corruption, financial deceit, and infidelity that can only

end in disaster.

The Unsealing is a gripping, psychological tale of forbidden pleasures and fathomless pain.

Robert Brighton
Author Bio

Award-winning author Robert Brighton is an authority on the Gilded Age, and a great believer that the Victorian era was anything but stuffy. In his Avenging Angel Detective Agency™ Mysteries, Brighton exposes the turbulence of the era – its passions, dreams, and disasters — against a backdrop of careful research on the places, sights, sounds, and smells of the time.

When he is not walking the streets in the footsteps of the Avenging Angels, sniffing out unsolved mysteries, Brighton is an adventurer. He has traveled in more than 50 countries around the world, personally throwing himself into every situation his characters will face — from underground ruins to opium dens — and (so far) living to tell about it.

A graduate of the Sorbonne, Paris, Brighton is an avid student of early 20th Century history and literature, an ardent and relentless investigator, and an admirer of Emily Dickinson and Jim Morrison. He lives in Virginia with his wife and their two cats.