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The Legend of Aguila Azul

The Legend of Aguila Azul

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Lexographic Press
5.25 X 8.25 in
140 pg

8 - 12 (Interest age, years)

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All Gervasio Garcia wanted his whole life was to be a luchador like the great luchadors he read about as a kid growing up in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. He wanted to wear a mask and fly high over the heads of adoring fans as he vanquished the villains—the ones he called Rudos—and outsmarted their cheating ways.

Enter the magical world of the Lucha Libre. Discover the sounds of matracas and cheering of the crowd, the smells of churros and sweat and all of the sensations of a night of Lucha Libre where dragonflies wrestle cats and the Tecnicos do battle with the Rudos.

The Legend of Aguila Azul is the first in the classic Lucha Legends series. Ideal for children of all ages and anyone who loves the long tradition and rich pageantry of Lucha Libre. The Lucha Legends series has beautiful (15) color illustrations and alternates in English and Spanish on facing pages for ease of reading and teaching. It is a perfect way to introduce another culture and language to English-speaking kids and to make learning English fun for Hispanic kids from a familiar place in their culture.

Paul Barile Julio A Guerra Ayula César
Author Bio

Paul Barile is a Chicago-based writer and fan of the Lucha Libre. He has spent many years in classrooms working with children aged from three to fifteen years old. He is also a prolific writer whose fiction, plays and poetry is widely published. His plays have been produced across from the world, including New York City, Chicago and London.

Indie creator from East Chicago. He has worked with Upper Deck/Marvel, AfterShock Comics, Floor 13 Studios, A&O Comics, Guerrilla Publishing. Julio has won two Comic of the Week Awards for titles The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag and Botched and 2017 Artistic License Community Artist Award.