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Elizabeth Clark-Stern (Author)

The Language of Water

The Language of Water

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Aqueduct Press
5.5 X 8.5 in
320 pg

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The dawn of the twenty-second century finds women in a new world where water ---the lack of it, or the over-abundance of it—shapes their inner and outer lives. Sara turns eighteen and longs to join the all-women’s Kurdish army to wrestle control of the headwaters of the Euphrates River from the grip of Turkiye’s first woman President, calling who calls herself “Ataturka.” These two women share a common enemy that has infected the globe: climate despair. And yet, in the darkest hour there is cause for hope. A new technology born of the secret substances of the Earth, could transform the planet. Only the power structures of humanity stands in the way. Can Sara and Ataturka help one another create a new form of power defined by the depth and scope of their hearts, or will the Water War bitterly divide them? Will their passion for life, for love, for a world where all living things can flourish pull them down into the darkest cavern of the human soul, or catapult them to the stars?

Elizabeth Clark-Stern
Author Bio

Elizabeth Clark-Stern had a career as a television screenwriter before she became a psychotherapist. Her produced credits include the critically acclaimed All I Could See from Where I Stood (PBS), Having Babies II (ABC), and Help Wanted (CBS), the latter nominated for an Emmy. Her independent documentary, Home from the Eastern Sea, which she wrote and co-produced with an all-female creative team, originally aired on PBS, now distributed through Kanopy, and was honored with a NAFTA American Scene Award and a Cine Golden Eagle. She was presented with an Achievement in the Arts Award from the Seattle Psychoanalytic Community for producing and publishing four plays and Soul Stories, a collection of two novellas.