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Stephen Ladd (Author)

The Five-Year Voyage

The Five-Year Voyage

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Seekers Press
6 X 9 in
241 pg

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From the author of Three Years in a 12-Foot Boat comes an expedition of even grander scope, this time with Ginny, his brave sweetheart. Together they fashion a tiny craft in which they row and sail from Florida to the Caribbean along the coast of Central and South America. Though storm-battered and robbed at knife-point, they ascend the Orinoco River to a remote steam connecting with the Amazon. They descend this to Manaus, then climb another tributary south through Bolivia. After a portage they transit the world’s largest swamp, then float down the Paraguay to Argentina. Returning via other rivers, they pause to have a son. Steve sails homeward alone to safeguard baby George, but shipwrecks in surf. Written with humor and keen observation, this is the honest account of an unprecedented odyssey.

Stephen Ladd
Author Bio

Stephen Ladd is a city planner, voyager, and memoirist. He is the author of Three Years in a 12-Foot Boat, in which he rowed and sailed to South America and back in a tiny boat of his own design. In 2009 he teamed up with now-wife Virginia to sail to Argentina and back, largely via the Amazon and related rivers, in a 21-footer, stopping to have a baby in Brazil. That book is entitled The Five-Year Voyage: Exploring Latin American Coasts and Rivers.