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Randolph Healy (Author)

The Electron-Ghost Casino

The Electron-Ghost Casino

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Miami University Press
5.5 X 8 in
86 pg

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Comprising forty-nine units, with a bespoke porch and optional exit through a bestiary, Randolph Healy’s The Electron-Ghost Casino has a décor ranging from the cerebral (all percentiles included) to the earthy. Notes of horror, intimacy, fractured histories, and joy echo from its chambers. Healy is the author of Green 532: Selected Poems 1983-2000(Salt 2002) and other books and chapbooks celebrated by readers throughout the Anglophone poetry world. This is his first American book publication. Are some of his tunes unfamiliar? Don’t worry, or do. We may be out of time, but there’s still space. Dance.

Randolph Healy
Author Bio

Randolph Healy was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1956. Looking back in time, his family tree expands, while the population of the planet contracts. Thus he has a vast number of relatives, at various distances. He has written books and his work has appeared in magazines and anthologies. He founded Wild Honey Press in 1997. His average density is slightly less than that of water, which enables him to float when required. He is currently preparing a paper on “Sisyphus and the Importance of Routine.”