M. Chris Polo (Author)
Mary Picard (Author)

The Camp Clovis Chronicles 1969

The Camp Clovis Chronicles 1969

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All About Kids Publishing
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272 pg

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1969 was considered one of the most important years of the last century. Back then riots and protests broke out over the Vietnam War, the draft, and civil rights issues. Somewhere in the mountains of California a group of zany characters spent that summer in isolation working at a camp called Clovis. This story is alive with the often hilarious and sometimes tragic Americana of that time period.

M. Chris Polo Mary Picard
Author Bio

M. Chris Polo lives with his beloved wife, three children, and a pet bloodhound in the remote Rocky Mountains of the northwest United States. During the last thirty years, he served as a script writer for over twenty-five published documentaries. He has also wrote a collection of humorous essays about growing up in the sixties. In his early years, he spent over eight seasons working in the camping profession. He brings a unique perspective on this topic to his first novel "The Camp Clovis Chronicles 1969."

During most of Mary's professional career, she served as a graphic artist and illustrator in the film and video industry. Today she lives in northern Idaho with her family. Most of her art now is created in her favorite two mediums, oils and pastels.