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Antonello Rizzo (Author)

The Blacksmith's Project Book

The Blacksmith's Project Book

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Artisan Ideas
9.5 X 11.5 in
248 pg

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Anyone who practices blacksmithing as a hobby or craft will love this book. "The Blacksmith's Project Book" presents 20 original intermediate and advanced projects for blacksmiths looking to further hone their skills and learn techniques from European master smiths. This hardcover 248 page book, with over 900 high-quality photos, clearly explains the necessary steps and techniques for completing projects which include metallic fusion, damascening, chromatic finishing techniques, foldforming, patination, sculpture forging, and other interesting topics.

Antonello Rizzo's first bestselling project book, "Secrets of the Forge", contained almost 50 original projects by master smiths for beginning and intermediate level blacksmiths. This excellent new book brings the level up a notch and has the intention of also serving as creative fodder for the smiths' own project designs.

The bonus 21st chapter of this book is a fascinating essay presenting the essayist’s heartfelt thoughts on the restoration of old wrought iron.

You can be sure that there is plenty of material in The Blacksmith's Project Book that will be of great interest to any practicing blacksmith. 

Antonello Rizzo
Author Bio

Antonello Rizzo is an internationally known author of books on learning the hobby and craft of blacksmithing. He lives in Lecce, Italy and travels regularly to the major blacksmithing shows, conferences and exhibitions throughout Europe. Mr Rizzo does all the photography for his books, which are characterized by detailed step-by-step instructions and high-quality photos showing readers how to perform each task.

Review text - Hot Iron News

"The Blacksmith’s Project Book sparks the imagination, informs and inspires. Written as a resource book for blacksmiths, there is much to be gleaned by makers and artists in any medium, and anyone who is an art or craft aficionado. Flip through the pages or read front to back, each time you open this book you will find something new. You will meet master blacksmiths from around the world, delve into their individual process and style, and learn new blacksmithing techniques.  It may unlock secrets to a process that has been puzzling you, or knock loose a block in your design flow.” 

Review text - The Forge Fire

"I intend to put my review copy of this book in the Indiana Blacksmithing Association library and purchase a copy for myself because there are many fascinating projects in this book that I would like to try. The wide variety of subjects means there is something of interest for everyone.”

Review text

“I found The Blacksmiths Project Book to be very useful. The layout and design of the book was thorough and easy to follow and filled with great variety of tips and ideas. I would recommend this book to any of my fellow Blacksmith colleagues as a great teaching as well as learning tool.”

Review text - Journal of the Alabama Forge Council

"I decided to physically get (The Blacksmith’s Project Book) into folks' hands for a community review of the book which worked very well. I sent the book to Clay Spencer for his input, he took it to an Athens Forge meeting and it was well received by those who looked through it. In fact, a few told me they’d bought the book. I showed the book to others at a few conferences and meetings that I’ve attended this year and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many very accomplished smiths have been quite impressed with the quality of the photography, instructions and descriptions of the projects discussed. Many have bought the book so they could follow it and make the projects themselves. Some bought it to use at their home forge groups so their members can attempt the projects at meetings. The artisans featured are referred to as “European Masters” and the level of execution is in line with that denotation. Instructions for the projects are clear and concise, easy to follow. The projects do require at least an intermediate level of smithing skills and some are quite challenging. Below is the table of contents. As you can see, there are a wide range of projects covered including sculptural pieces, repoussè, restoration, patinas and finishes. Techniques covered in this book go far beyond just simple “learn these forging skills and make something pretty”. The projects teach you to think structurally and plan ahead for the fit-up process. Balance, connection, texture, proportion, shaping and finishing are just a few of the many facets of smithing covered. Stakes, sinks, shaped hammer faces, chisels, grinders, power hammer and hand hammers are just some of the tools used in these projects." 

Review text - The UMBA Journal

“… I really like this book and feel that it’s a bargain at just under $50. (It) is printed on quality paper and the photos are crisp, clear, plentiful, and do a very good job of portraying the work being done. The projects are beyond the scope of beginner work and comprise a variety of subjects from sculpture to hardware to tools and jewelry. The steps for each project are well written and provide sufficient information to duplicate these wonderful pieces.”