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The Afflictions

The Afflictions

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Lanternfish Press
5.25 X 8 in
160 pg

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The legendary Encyclopedia of Medicine is a dizzying collection of maladies: an amnesia that causes everyone you've ever met to forget you exist, while you remain perfectly, painfully aware of your history. A wound that grows with each dark thought or evil deed you commit but shrinks with every act of kindness. A disease that causes your body to imitate death, stopping your heart, cooling your blood. Will the fit pass before they bury you—or after?

The Afflictions is a magical compendium of pseudo-diseases, an encyclopedia of archaic medicine written by a contemporary physician and scientist. Little by little, these bizarre and mystical afflictions frame an eternal struggle: between human desire and the limits of bodily existence.

First published in English in the United States, The Afflictions has since been published in Argentina, Italy, and India. This second U.S. edition features the original illustrations created by Pia Valentinis for the Italian language edition.

Vikram Paralkar
Author Bio

Vikram Paralkar was born and raised in Mumbai. Author of two works of fiction, The Afflictions and Night Theater, he is a physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, where he treats patients with leukemia and researches the disease. His works have been translated into several foreign languages.