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Michael Dow (Author)
Forrest Hanson (Author)

Tarnished: Tom Brady's Quest for a Legitimate Super Bowl Title

Tarnished: Tom Brady's Quest for a Legitimate Super Bowl Title

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128 Publishing
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140 pg

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A first-of-its-kind, illustrated and meticulously researched look into Tom Brady's seven NFL Super Bowl titles. Do they all deserve an asterisk?

Let’s start with the obvious. Only a candidate for the Greatest of All Time like Tom Brady could inspire a book that puts a Hubble telescope-grade magnifying glass to his entire NFL career. But make no mistake, this laugh-out-loud look at the incredibly peculiar patterns, questionable calls, and beyond-belief bounces over Brady's seven Super Bowl “victories” (we use that term loosely) should give more than a moment’s pause to even the most obsessed of Brady fanatics. Is Brady's success purely a result of his legendary work ethic, laser focus, natural talent, and unwillingness to accept anything less than the best from himself and everyone else around him? Are the rest of us just a bunch of of jealous haters with nothing to do but rant about the unfairness of it all? Or have there been others hard at work behind the scene, fiddling with fate? Journey with us from the incredible what-ifs and career-making gifts of the tuck rule moment to the storybook-ending-that-wasn't-quite-an-ending in Tampa Bay. Along the way, enjoy over 100 full-color photos and one-of-a-kind custom illustrations that are sure to put a smile on (nearly) everyone's face. 

The plot includes a familiar cast of heroes and villains, rivaling the best of any Tom Clancy thriller - from Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick to Russell Wilson, Kurt Warner, the Manning brothers, Jim McNally and Ernie Adams (wait, who?). And don't forget the New England Patriots organization itself – a team whose creative approach to winning dates back to at least 1961, when a fan ran into the end zone to defend a game-tying pass by the Dallas Texans (and yes, of course the play was allowed to stand).

PLUS bonus content! Tarnished Nation reveals its definitive list of the Top 10 GOATs in sports history.

What (we imagine) people are saying:

  • WHAT?! Belichick and Brady are the GOATs! I refuse to listen to any facts that prove otherwise. LA LA LA LA LA... (fingers in ears)" - Patriots Fans
  • "FINALLY! Someone crazy enough to spill the Boston baked beans on the Brady and Belichick legacy." - Fans of Every Other NFL Team
  • "HEY! Stop laughing at your own dumb jokes and take the dog out." - The Author's Wife

Don't miss your chance to own the First Edition of this hilarious collector's item. It's the perfect addition to a man cave, she shed, or the mailbox of your favorite NFL fan.

Michael Dow Forrest Hanson
Author Bio

From an early age, Mike knew that his path to athletic glory would most likely come on the coattails of those with true athletic talent. His baseball career ended the moment he saw a curveball; his basketball career was as short as his five-foot-ten-inch frame. His soccer career and only real shot at glory ended with a Scott Sterling-style concussion. After a largely anonymous college career, he arrived in Washington DC to make his fortune. There he stumbled into his own business, which was largely a front for developing his taste in fine cigars, dark rum, and paid time off. Eventually, he was forced to come to grips with his ne’er-do-well lifestyle and began the search for a real career. Ten years and four books later, most would agree that he’s nowhere close to being the GOAT of anything.

Mike and his wife Melissa currently split time between Northern Michigan and Florida's west coast. And unlike Mike, most would agree that Melissa is the GOAT of just about everything.