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Bruce Dierking (Author)

Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw

Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw

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Board book
Circle D Press
6 X 6 in
24 pg

P - K (US school grade range)

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It is hard being the youngest and smallest one in the family. Especially when your bedtime comes first, and you are feeling sad and afraid. Lil is just a pup, but she’s got big dreams, and nothing is going to hold her back!

Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw is the first book in the Power Paws series, a collection of children’s stories designed to grow with its readers from birth to age 10 by evolving in complexity and maturity to track with a child’s intellectual and emotional growth and reading abilities.

Bruce Dierking
Author Bio

Bruce Dierking is a children’s book author, entrepreneur, retired lawyer, husband, father, and aspiring grandfather—though not necessarily in that order. Bruce has a quirky sense of humor and loves making up stories, a good (or bad) pun, and word play. He lives in Hygiene, Colorado.