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Spirits of Amoskeag

Spirits of Amoskeag

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Peter E. Randall | Light Publishing
6 X 9 in
160 pg

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This historic mystery is in response to a promise made to a group of spirits who were causing mysterious accidents near where their bodies were unceremoniously tossed in Manchester, NH in the 1800s. These spirits were child laborers who worked under horrific conditions in manufacturing mills that produced incredible amounts of cloth daily. They agreed to stop their activity and go into the light if we shared their heart wrenching account of working in the mills where disturbing crimes were committed by those in charge. Many suffered greatly in the name of big business, and their stories deserve to be told. Safely guided into the light, many spirits returned to express deep gratitude for this published work.

Lois Hermann
Author Bio

p>Lois Hermann is a board-certified hypnotist, success coach, professional speaker, trainer, Reiki-Master teacher and multi-registered medical professional. She has decades of experience in medical and holistic modalities. Her practice is based in Nashua, NH. 

--This text refers to the paperback edition.