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M.K. Standby (Author)

Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains

Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains

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Yorkshire Publishing
5 X 8 in
160 pg

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Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is a debut poetry collection exploring the impact of connection, both romantic and platonic, on self perception and identity. Blended with an appreciation of nature, particularly that of unkempt or abandoned spaces, the collection draws parallels between the natural and emotional facets of life. Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is non-traditional prose, using a free-verse structure and a unique voice to redefine the boundaries of modern poetry.

M.K. Standby
Author Bio

M.K. Standby is a free-verse poet from Melbourne, Australia. She notes that her poetry helps her to focus on the beautiful, often overlooked details of life. In 2020 she launched an Instagram page ‒ originally posting under the name ‘Confessions of a Lily’, a childhood nickname. As the page grew, a decision was made to change the pseudonym to M.K. Standby ‒ paying homage to her great-grandfather, a prolific writer in the 1950’s. M.K. Standby shares her writing in the hope that it supports, connects, and empowers others.

Review text

“The depth of feeling that went into each line is evident as every carefully crafted poem makes you wonder what the poet is going to pull you in with on the next page.”

– Readers' Favorite