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Mark Petruzzi (Author)
Paul Melchiorre (Author)

Selling the Cloud

Selling the Cloud

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Selling the Cloud: A Playbook for Success in Cloud Software and Enterprise Sales, captures lessons learned from 25+ year veterans of enterprise-level software sales. The book brims with advice from technology sales titans from companies like Salesforce, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Zoom, SAP, and DocuSign. Each chapter highlights key characteristics that help modern salespeople thrive, including: empathy, authenticity, creativity, and resilience in sales. The fusion of enterprise software product sales, services sales, and executive leadership expertise in this book delivers a unique distillation of proven strategies to grow your career in sales and into executive business leadership. Its insight is a solid reference for anyone involved in growth at a B2B company. 

Mark Petruzzi Paul Melchiorre
Author Bio

Mark Petruzzi, Vice President of Private Equity/Venture Capital Go-To-Market and Corporate Partnerships/Alliances at N3 and Paul Melchiorre, Operating Partner at Stripes are 25+ year veterans of enterprise-level cloud software sales. Petruzzi, an innovator in enterprise and cloud software services sales, channel/ alliances strategy, and M&A advisory, and Melchiorre, a vanguard leader in enterprise software product sales, pioneered the innovative strategies that have made enterprise-level cloud software sales a holy grail of B2B selling