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Henry M. Quinlan (Author)
Murphy Emily M. (Author)

Secret, Hidden, and Forgotten Cape Cod

Secret, Hidden, and Forgotten Cape Cod

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Omni Publishing Co.
6 X 9 in
152 pg

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This book unveils the lesser-known treasures of Cape Cod.  From secret beaches and secret gardens to hidden gems in all the towns on the Cape to the illustrious but forgotten history of this magical place.   Not overlooked are the secret places to watch the sun rise and fall over Cape Cod.  It unearths the clandestine gardens, undiscovered delights, and remnants of a bygone era tucked away on this iconic peninsula.

Let this book be your personal guide to experiencing the Cape in a way that goes beyond the surface, into the secret, hidden and forgotten heart of Cape Cod.

Henry M. Quinlan Murphy Emily M.
Author Bio

Henry M. Quinlan, a resident of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, and owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Company, has 50+ years of varied experience publishing books, newsletters and DVDs.
He is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School.

His proudest moment in publishing was being asked By President George H.W. Bush to arrange for the publishing of the book Make Way for Ducklings and the erection of the statues, Make Way for Ducklings, in Moscow in 1991 as part of the summit between Presidents Bush and Gorbachev.

He recently published the book, Stories Along the Way which is authored by John Cullinane who founded the first successful software company in America.

He initiated the So, You Think Series You Know? series starting with So, You Think you Know the South Coast?  He is currently expanding the series.