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Bobby Oliveira (Author)

Rogues of Rhode Island

Rogues of Rhode Island

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Omni Publishing Co.
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Rhode Island has always been a little off.  Some trace it back to when it was were the first state to vote on the constitution—and voted no.  Others take it further than that when one of our early founders, Governor Coddington, wanted to have a civil war with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  This kind of off behavior has attracted many different criminals to Rhode Island as well as created a few.

In Rhode Island Rogues, we will go over some of their histories.  It will be no surprise that many mafia members will work their way throughout the chapters.  It’s always interesting to watch a “wannabe mafia” show on TV and say how it compares to events you may have actually experienced while living in Rhode Island.

We also cannot ignore the role that dark spirituality plays in Rhode Island.  It is one of the reasons Rhode Island Ghost Tours attract so many visitors from other states.  It’s also one of the reasons that Rhode Island criminals are so creepy.

Bobby Oliveira
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