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Bo Polny (Author)

Revelation The Good News

Revelation The Good News

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Harvest Creek Publishing
11 X 8.5 in
175 pg

18 - (Interest age, years)

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As Christians witness the rapid degradation of the world's moral fiber, they wonder if things will ever get better. There is an underlying apprehension regarding when and how Christ will return to redeem this chaotic mess. And even though we eagerly expect His return, sometimes fear fills our minds, rather than a calm assurance.

Unfortunately, when God's people are gripped by fear, they cannot appropriately respond to Him. This book offers good news for those worried about the unfolding end-time events. It imparts hope and faith by revealing God's perfect timing and seasons for redemption. From Genesis to Revelation, the patterns and signs are clearly laid out.

Uncover spiritual insights into how God moves and reveals His divine plan to bless His people. Understand how He will shake the counterfeiters of deception and turn the tables of injustice. The Church is about to witness an unprecedented end-time harvest. A season of freedom, favor, and release from oppressive darkness is coming! Discover Revelation, The Good News.

Bo Polny
Author Bio

Bo Polny is someone gifted with the Issachar Anointing, the ability to understand the chronological cycles of time and to determine the best course of action in the spiritual and political climate through discernment and knowledge.  Based on Ecclesiastes 1:9, which states, "What has been will be again," Bo believes that the study of history can help one better prepare for the future. He analyzes patterns and events referenced in the Bible and overlays them with cycle-specific historical patterns. Through prophetic dreams and prayer, he gains insight into these patterns which then help others find direction and godly hope, fueled by faith, for a bright future.