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Retire Secure for Professors and TIAA Participants

Retire Secure for Professors and TIAA Participants

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James Lange
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There is no one better than Jim Lange to provide outstanding retirement and tax advice for academics. Retire Secure for Professors and TIAA Participants should be on the top of your personal reading list.

Burton G. Malkiel, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Princeton University and Author, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 12th ed. 2019

A comprehensive tax-savvy retirement roadmap to saving more, having more, and leaving more from nationally recognized (quoted 36 times in the Wall Street Journal) and respected retirement planning expert James Lange, CPA, Attorney.

Far and away the best of Jim’s eight bestsellers for IRA and retirement plan owners. All the calculations, graphs, charts, and explanations were meticulously updated. Three new chapters offer new approaches to managing TIAA accounts. This book aims to help professors, TIAA participants and their families get the most out of their TIAA, IRAs, and other retirement saving plans—now and later.

But a punitive tax bite is ready to decimate your hard-earned savings. Are you prepared?

A provision in the SECURE Act could be financially devastating forthe children and grandchildren of most retirement plan owners. The ticking time bomb radically modifies the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules for Inherited retirement accounts. Learn how to mitigate the disastrous effects of this forced income tax acceleration that will decimate savings and undermine the long-term financial plans of many retirement plan owners and their families.

Plan for your pre- and post-retirement financial success.

Maximize the Benefits of Your TIAA, IRAs, and Other Retirement Assets

  • Learn the best saving and distribution strategies.

  • Step-by-step guidance for accessing TIAA accounts after retirement.

  • The Superpowers of Roth conversions could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

  • Optimize Social Security strategies

  • Take advantage of a “secret” retirement plan available at some universities to double your retirement contributions.

Provide for your Heirs

  • Ensure financial security for your surviving spouse.

  • Implement Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan that adjusts for contingencies and provides flexibility.

Optimize Your Charitable Giving for the Charity and Your Family

  • Learn the critical Who Gets What strategy.

  • Learn how a Charitable Remainer Trust could be perfect for your preferred charity and your heirs.

Provide for an Heir with a Disability

If you have a beneficiary with a disability, you must read Chapter 13. The consequences of not attaining Social Security status as an Eligible Designated Beneficiary and taking the other recommended steps could be disastrous for a child’s long-term security.

Lange Accounting Group’s recommendations can potentially help you reach some coveted quality of life goals.

  • Take the whole family—kids and grandkids included—on an annual vacation with the confidence that you are not overextending your budget.

  • Fulfill some of your bucket-list dreams.

  • Learn to use financial gifting to help children when they need financial help--which serves everyone better than living a frugal lifestyle and leaving a larger inheritance with a large tax bill.

Implementing some, or all, of these timely strategies could save IRA and retirement plan owners and their families hundreds of thousands of dollars. All IRA and retirement plan owners, financial planners, and tax professionals should read it.

James Lange
Author Bio

About James Lange, CPA, Attorney, and Financial Advisor

Jim’s estate and tax planning strategies have been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal (36 times), Newsweek, Money,
Smart Money, Reader’s Digest, Bottom Line, and Kiplinger’s and most recently, Forbes magazine. Jim has authored five peer-reviewed
articles in Trusts & Estates. Jim is a regular columnist for, and his expertise on Roth IRA conversions was
solicited for an article in the February 2019 issue of Forbes magazine.

With 35 years of retirement and estate planning experience, James Lange and his team have drafted 2,631 wills and trusts, as well
as sophisticated beneficiary designations for IRAs and other retirement plans using Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan. They
have also administered hundreds of estates whose families have benefitted from these plans.

Mr. Lange is the author of six best-selling books, including three editions of Retire Secure!, endorsed by Charles Schwab, Larry King, Ed Slott, Jane Bryant Quinn, and Roger Ibbotson and 50 other experts; The Roth Revolution, endorsed by Ed Slott, Natalie Choate, and Bob Keebler; The Ultimate Retirement and Estate Plan for Your Million-Dollar IRA, endorsed by Bill Flanagan, Paul Merriman, and Burton Malkiel; and The $214,000 Mistake, How to Double Your Social Security and Maximize Your IRAs endorsed by Larry Kotlikoff, Jonathan Clements, Paul Merriman, and Elaine Floyd.

Jim created The Roth IRA Institute—offering professionals in the industry advice and recommendations. His proof of the tax and estate planning advantages of Roth IRA conversions has been peer-reviewed by the top tax journal of the American Institute of CPAs. Further, all 15 IRA experts interviewed on his radio show have indicated that most taxpayers, at some point, will benefit from a Roth IRA conversion—and that was before today’s favorable new tax brackets made Roth IRAs even more advantageous.