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R Is for Rainbow

R Is for Rainbow

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Peter E. Randall | Kim Ferreira Marino
8.25 X 10.5 in
32 pg

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R is for Rainbow is a thoughtful journey through the alphabet featuring whimsical paintings from artist Kim Ferreira's "Joie de Vivre" series.

From "C is for cupcakes and carefully planned getaways" and "J is for the journey and just taking it one step at a time" to "X is for marking a spot and finding our way there," this charming book will bring many smiles, tug on some heart strings, and perhaps inspire a happy tear or two.

Created for young spirits and old souls, this collection celebrates joy, beauty, kindness and love from
A to Z.

Kim's exquisite artwork from R is for Rainbow was featured as the front cover for Foreward Reviews May/June 2021 edition.

Kim Ferreira
Author Bio

Raised in a log cabin in the woods, Kim Ferreira now lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a lovely little city by the sea. Since the birth of her daughter in 2017, she has created over three hundred paintings featuring an array of anthropomorphic woodland critters against a backdrop nodding to French rococo landscapes. Her work is inspired by simple pleasures and the exuberant enjoyment of life, what the French refer to as “joie de vivre.” Kim’s paintings are a celebration of the big and little things that make her world go round. She is also a venturous baker, a soy candle-maker, a dreamer, a cat lover, a not-so-neat freak, an old house dweller and do-it-yourselfer. She is obsessed with her garden and brakes for squirrels. Visit Kim’s website at