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Kathy Simmers (Author)
Marjorie van Heerden (Author)
Simone Kaplan (Author)

Posey's Problem

Posey's Problem

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Bound To Happen Publishing, Inc. (HWIN)
8.7 X 10.25 in
32 pg

5 - 10 (Interest age, years)

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Posey is a show pony who has a big problem. No matter how hard she works, no matter how many times she wins or how much she loves her kids, the problem will always be there. Eventually, her riders will outgrow her and she’ll be moved to the next family. 

Yet, despite her problem, Posey continues to do everything with her whole heart. She continues to be a champion through and through, and her resilience as she navigates change teaches us all that love is what really matters. As we follow Posey on her journey, Posey demonstrates the enduring power of love.

In their newest collaboration, the award-winning duo from Jump the Moon, Kathy Simmers and Marjorie van Heerden, combine beautiful illustrations and a delightful story to bring Posey’s story to life. 

Posey’s Problem offers young readers inspiration for persevering through change and keeping an open heart, and perfectly compliments Jump the Moon in the growing Pony Tales series.

Kathy Simmers Marjorie van Heerden Simone Kaplan
Author Bio

Kathy Simmers always wanted to live on a farm with horses. When she was twelve years old, she started taking riding lessons. At nineteen she bought her first horse. It seemed like she was well on her way, but life doesn’t always go in a straight line. Though Kathy faced many obstacles she never gave up on her dream. Today Kathy & her husband live on a farm in North Carolina with horses, llamas, a small herd of goats, cats, a dog, and some chickens. Kathy’s journey is the inspiration for her stories. The girl with the long blonde hair is her daughter and the true story that Jump the Moon is based on unfolded before her eyes. Living it was initially exciting, at times heartbreaking and ultimately one of the most inspiring experiences she has ever known. 

Marjorie Van Heerdan was three months old the first time she "rode" a horse. Her best friend as a child was her horse, Billie Boy. She grew up on a farm on the southernmost tip of Africa, where she drew what she saw around her: animals and people and dragons and monsters and fairies. Today they appear in her more than 120 children's books. Her award-winning work has been translated into thirty-five languages and has been published in Africa, England, Europe, the United States, China, and Malaysia.