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My Dad's the Queen of All VTubers?! Vol. 2

My Dad's the Queen of All VTubers?! Vol. 2

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Kaiten Books LLC
5 X 7.25 in
156 pg

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It's bad enough that Takashi's dad is secretly the ultra-popular 'Queen of VTubers', Kizuke Yai, but his mom's a struggling streamer who just can't seem to gain any popularity at all! Now the poor boy himself has been roped into the VTubing life, and the hapless young lad has to help both of his parents without the other finding out!
Join Takashi as he weathers the hellish storm his life has become, all while navigating the trials and tribulations that come with having parents who are just a little bit too online.

Andrew Hodgson Wataru Akashingo
Author Bio

Wataru Akashingo is a Tezuka Award-winning manga artist most known for his work on the series "My Dad's the Queen of All VTubers?!"
Andrew Hodgson is a translator of Japanese media with over five years of experience in the industry. Has worked on games, manga, art books, and novels.