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Susan Smith (Author)

Murphy the Cat Moves into the Neighborhood

Murphy the Cat Moves into the Neighborhood

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Susan Smith
8.5 X 11 in
32 pg

4 - 6 (Interest age, years)

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Murphy the Cat Moves into the Neighborhood 

is a colorful and delightful story written to

entertain and support children as they may 

be moving to a new neighborhood. The

intent of the story is to aide children as they

transition to a new environment. Murphy the

Cat is relevant to today's society because 

children often fear change as they leave 

 familiar surroundings venturing to a new home.

Pets provide a friendly vehicle for children bringing a

sense of security and comfort.

Susan Smith
Author Bio

Susan's passion for writing is a result of her love for teaching at both the public and collegiate level.

As an adjunct professor in the Early Childhood Program, she provided instruction in child development.