Susan Smith (Author)

Murphy the Cat and the Big Yellow Bus

Murphy the Cat and the Big Yellow Bus

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Susan Smith
8.5 X 11 in
36 pg

8 - 10 (Interest age, years)

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Murphy the Cat and the Big Yellow Bus isthe third in a series of colorful anddelightful stories written to entertain andsupport children as they may be movinginto a new neighborhood. Murphy has movedinto his new home, made many friends, andnow ventures out of the neighborhoodaboard the Big Yellow Bus. He is curiousto find out where the children who live inthe neighborhood go each day. Murphy'scontinued curiosity encourages him to takean adventure.

Join Murphy on the Bus and take an adventure.

Susan Smith
Author Bio

Susan's passion for writing is a result of her love for teaching at both the public and collegiate level.

As an adjunct professor in the Early Childhood Program, she provided instruction in child development.