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Money Does Grow on Trees

Money Does Grow on Trees

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6 X 9 in
400 pg

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*2023 Silver Medalist, Global Book Awards

*2023 International Book Award Finalist

The former shoe salesgirl who became a millionaire

This is not a book about quick fixes, step-by-step tutorials, and fantasy thinking about money. Advancing beyond the concept of simply making money, prosperity consciousness is presented here as a state of BEING.

  • How do we become someone that easily attracts money, ideas, and opportunities?
  • What to do when we feel stuck, helpless, and unsuccessful? How to stop these feelings?
  • What IF I told you that you are the creator of your unwanted situations and what if I can prove that to you so you can quickly change it?

In Money Does Grow on Trees, Esra weaves in empowering stories of her nomadic upbringing n Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Austria, and the United States with transformational insights derived from a teenage near-death experience to discovering her purpose and subsequent journey toward growth and prosperity—all told with raw authenticity. The book is filled with transformational insights she’s gained from teaching coaching seminars and the private consulting practice of herself and her business partner and husband, bestselling author Ike Aykut Ogut.

"My dear friend Esra has written the book of books to help readers understand the truth about money and the freedom it can bring to those who learn how to manifest it. Written with a profound depth and mastery over understanding the subject, yet with a simplicity that anyone can understand. I highly recommend Money Does Grow on Trees." —Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

Esra and Ike presented on the topic of consciousness transformation at the United Nations special program for women's empowerment in 2016. In Turkey, they are a regular presence on national television and have been featured on CNN.

Esra B. Ogut Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
Author Bio

As a transformational coach Esra Banguoglu Ogut has helped people worldwide to discover their power to live the life they choose. Having realized how our unconscious belief systems create our realities in very specific ways—and then turned her life around by releasing her limiting beliefs one by one—her passion for the last 13 years has been to help others to do the same.