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Mayi Pelot (Author)
Arrate Hidalgo (Author)
Oihana Andión Martínez (Author)

Memories of Tomorrow

Memories of Tomorrow

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Aqueduct Press
5.5 X 8.5 in
160 pg

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Memories of Tomorrow collects a set of vibrant and enigmatic visions that emanated from one of the most creative minds of contemporary Basque literature. Often unnoticed by the established canon, Mayi Pelot has been uncovered and championed in recent years as one of the first genre authors in the language. Her publications, despite their brief span—from 1982 to 1992—undeniably laid the groundwork for future generations of Basque science fiction writers.

Mayi Pelot Arrate Hidalgo Oihana Andión Martínez
Author Bio

 Mayi Pelot (Talence, 1947-Biarritz, 2016) is recognized as one of the first authors to have written science fiction as a genre in Basque. She was an active member of the Basque-speaking literary and linguistic community, co-founding the literary magazine Maiatz, presenting radio shows based on Asimov’s and Wagner’s works in the first years of the Basque-speaking radio station Gure Irratia, and participating in the development of the Nola erran French-Basque dictionary, launched by the Public Office of the Basque Language. 

Arrate Hidalgo (Bilbao, 1987) is a translator, editor, and cultural agent based in Bilbao. With a background in English and Medieval literature, she has been an Associate Editor of Aqueduct Press since 2015. After eight years living and working between the UK and USA, she returned to her native Basque Country in 2017.