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Carol Rudy Ludwick (Author)
Robert W. Rudy (Author)

March to the Sea

March to the Sea

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Lexographic Press
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280 pg

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In arguably one of the most pivotal campaigns of the American Civil War, the troops of General William T. Sherman bulldozed their way from Atlanta to the coast, demolishing the arsenal, industry, and infrastructure of the confederacy, all in five short weeks. By pulverizing the breadbasket of the south, they torched morale, effectively snuffing out some of the last embers of secession.

Carol Rudy Ludwick Robert W. Rudy
Author Bio

Carol Rudy Ludwick is a certified Lifecycle celebrant ( custom ceremony creator) and actor living in Evanston, IL with her husband, David, and their tabby cats, Merlin and Arthur. She has been a practicing storyteller for nearly 20 years, honing her craft through writing, acting and photography. Her father so savored the process of writing this book that he was reluctant to finish it. She used to chide him that he better hurry up, she didn't want to have to do that for him posthumously. Doing so, however, has been a privilege and she is deeply honored to have been his collaborator.

Robert W. Rudy of Cleveland, Ohio, was an ardent Civil War enthusiast and amateur historian who relished this lifelong passion, having gotten the bug when he met an aging veteran as a small boy. He spent many vacations touring battlegrounds with Jane, his good sport wife of 45 years. Bob knew soldiering. He enlisted in the Army at 17 and served with the 82nd Airborne during WWII, opting for an extended stay in Italy at war's end. In the late 1990's he enjoyed serving as a host on AOL's Mason-Dixon chat room where he sparked as many lively discussions as he made good friends. It was then, during retirement, that he began writing this story.