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Barbie Burr (Author)

Libidinous Venture

Libidinous Venture

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Omni Publishing Co.
6 X 9 in
195 pg

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Barbie Burr’s new novel starts with a provocative ad online where a 19-year-old college student offers her virginity in order to finance a year abroad.  She meets with a buyer is willing to pay but she declines the offer.  A year later, the two meet again.  Now, Barbie has a new name and new fame as an author of a book on Catholicism. He’s a Harvard scholar, looking to her book for answers to historic mysteries. 

They are each hungry to know what the other understands about human nature and historic events.  They embark on a whirlwind intellectual tour of the struggles of the religion, the challenges faced by the Plymouth settlers, and the origins of the witch trials in Salem. Their honest conversations about religion, the image of man, Pilgrims and witch trials unfold during auto trips from Plymouth to Salem and other historic places in Massachusetts. As they try and pull from each other the information they need, they struggle with a greater mystery—how can they work together with so much sexual tension?

Libidinous Venture is a human mystery, hard to put down. 

Barbie Burr
Author Bio

Barbie Burr, mother and grandmother, resides in Marion, Massachusetts.  Among her hobbies are gardening, sailing, and sharing her knowledge with others.  In this book, her first novel, Barbie brings to her writing her lifelong interest in religious conflicts and local New England history. Libidinous Venture highlights her knowledge of the history of Salem to Boston to Plymouth axis.  This is her second book.  Her first book was a collection of poems entitled Winter at the Beach