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Let the Wind Carry Me

Let the Wind Carry Me

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For sailboat captain Gill Terry Causey, the movement of the waves is meditative, granting him profound peacefulness and oneness with the ocean.

Let the Wind Carry Me is part autobiography, part detailed travelogue, and part breathtaking pictorial of Causey’s worldwide sailing adventures. He shares vivid details (and more than 50 photos) from some of his most memorable excursions, and peppers his narrative with personal insights and reflections on the seeds planted early in his youth that inspired him to explore the world without boundaries.

Readers can experience the exact moment when Causey fell in love with bluewater sailing and hop on board as he runs a successful charter boat in the Hawaiian Islands, explores South America and the Amazon forest, embarks on adventures in Central America, and sails the islands of French Polynesia.

This is a story that will inspire you, like Causey, to explore and embrace the transformational power of travel.

Gill Terry Causey
Author Bio

A lifelong ocean-cruising sailor and a patron of maritime causes and projects from Hawaii (where he lived for more than half his life) to California, Terry Causey now divides his time between Kona, Hawaii, Sausalito, and Newport Beach, California. He holds his captain’s license, endorsed for sailing all oceans, and has navigated throughout the Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, and the Cook, Solomon, and Line Islands. <br>A successful real estate investor, Terry continues to be a significant benefactor to Call of the Sea. He believes in teaching young people stewardship of the oceans and instilling in them mindfulness of their environment and compassion for each other through education programs that foster a connection to the ocean and nautical heritage. He wants to empower generations of students of all ages and backgrounds to become environmental stewards and transform their world through on-the-water field experiences.