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Dr. Hillary Cauthen (Author)

Hello Trauma

Hello Trauma

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Mental Performance Advantage
6 X 9 in
168 pg

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Trauma is everyone’s teammate.
Uncover the transformative power of pain, hope, and healing, 
and find the road to creating a culture of care for a culture of champions.

Discover the extraordinary power of healing and transformation within the pages of this groundbreaking book. With a focus on trauma, resilience, and creating a culture of care, it unveils significant insights into making meaning from adversity. From personal journeys to organizational accountability, this riveting exploration ignites a call to change. Unleash your inner champion, and embark on a remarkable path toward healing, empowerment, and creating a culture that champions resilience and growth. Step into a world where trauma becomes a catalyst for profound personal and collective transformation.

Dr. Hillary Cauthen
Author Bio

A clinical sport psychologist based in Austin, Texas, Hillary was a Division 1 college track athlete, before embarking on a career focusing on the mental health and mental performance dimensions of athletes. She has developed private businesses that focus on mental wellness, performance optimization, and cultural well-being.