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God has Infinite Frequency

God has Infinite Frequency

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Foundation for Inner Peace
10 X 7 in
84 pg

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Blending art and insight, God has Infinite Frequency, Aphorisms for Our Fractured Age is penetrating, amusing, and sometimes provocative, as it takes us on a tour of many of our dearly held beliefs - challenging them, and giving us the precious opportunity to reconsider, feel, and to see things anew. As our worlds break apart, and a new consciousness emerges, here is an invitation to explore, be inspired and reformulate. The experience of the beautifully crafted and printed book is multi-dimensional, artistic, and joyful, and one that touches the core of who we are. Its gentle whisper resonates in our hearts, and helps remind us, ground us, and open us to new ways of seeing and experiencing ourselves and the world. We are accompanied on a journey of re-creation, and as we take the journey, we find the destination is more of ourselves. The author, Jonathan Masters, is a meditation teacher and business consultant specializing in international partnerships and technology development.
Jonathan Masters
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