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John Musgrove (Author)

Ginter's Pope

Ginter's Pope

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Dementi Milestone Publishing
6 X 9 in
300 pg

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Lewis Ginter lost fortunes and rebuilt his life many times over the years. After the Civil War, he invested in tobacco and became a gilded age magnate. His life was drastically different from so many of his peers because he fell in love with a younger man. They lived as a couple in time where connections and marriages created wealthy federations. He and John Pope built their cigarette empire in Richmond, Virginia and were known throughout the region for their philanthropy.

John Musgrove
Author Bio

John has been a writer for many years, but never sought to publish his work before now. As his debut novel, it has autobiographical elements of his own life, and his long-term relationship with an older man he has been with since 1986.