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Victoria Johnson (Author)

From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon

From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon

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Yorkshire Publishing
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128 pg

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In her 20 years in practice, people ask frequently, how did Dr. Victoria Johnson become so well-known? How has her company grown so considerably? From humble beginnings in a two-room shop at a shopping mall to running a two-story mega-medical spa with over 40,000 patients and a staff of twenty, the autobiography From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon tells the fast-paced story of her rise out of emotional ashes to become a nationally acclaimed aesthetic medical doctor.

Victoria Johnson
Author Bio

An aesthetic physician board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Johnson was one of the first physicians to begin a medical spa in the USA. She established her laser medicine and skin care practice in the Oklahoma City area in 2002. Following this she founded a natural skincare line, Elena Beaute.

Dr. Johnson has won many distinguished awards for her groundbreaking procedures in aesthetic medicine, receiving the Compassionate Doctor Recognition and Patients’ Choice awards. In her personal time, she loves to swim and cook southern recipes for her family. Her homegrown pickles are highly-prized in the community.

Review text - Literary Titan

Dr. Victoria Johnson, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Oklahoma, shares her riveting journey in her memoir, From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon. With over two decades in the field, Dr. Johnson’s story offers a refreshing perspective on determination, resilience, and the power of self-belief.

Starting as a stay-at-home wife in an oppressive marriage, Victoria yearned for more. An answered prayer catalyzed her decision to pursue medicine. The challenges of juggling motherhood, domestic responsibilities, and academia, especially amidst emotional turbulence, were daunting. Yet, even after initial setbacks in college and a trying divorce, Victoria’s indomitable spirit shone through. She not only excelled in medical school but also carved a niche for herself in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Reading From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon is akin to perusing an intimate diary. Dr. Johnson’s candid narration enveloped me in a whirlwind of emotions – from inspiration and warmth to moments of poignant sadness. One particularly striking sentiment she shared was her desire to show her daughter that “a woman could make her own way in this world without a husband.” This memoir brims with powerful messages on independence, self-worth, and standing up against all forms of abuse.

Dr. Johnson’s evocative prose paints a vivid tapestry of her life, effortlessly drawing readers into her experiences. From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon isn’t just a recounting of her ascent in the medical realm. It’s an exploration of personal growth, perseverance, and the transformative power of determination.

This memoir stands as a testament to Dr. Victoria Johnson’s exceptional journey, offering readers a deep dive into the life of a remarkable surgeon and an even more impressive human being.

Pages: 125 | ISBN : 978-1-957262-80-2

Review text - Midwest Book Review

From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon explores the transformation of a Mississippi housewife with an eight-year-old daughter and an abusive husband, It provides an eye-opening story of this process, which should serve as testimony to other women in similar positions.


"Once the pain becomes intolerable, you break and change it." Victoria Johnson had heard this, but found herself living it in unexpected ways. At age twenty-eight, a visit to a cosmetic surgeon created an attraction to the work that translated to new opportunities and a vision for the future.


Desperate for guidance on how to find a way out of her abusive situation, Johnson both prayed and pursued self-help books, guidance counselors, and outside help. Her faith drove her to consult her sister, who helped her tackle numerous (impossible-sounding) obstacles towards new goals, from earning money and raising her daughter to attending school. 


Her wise sister counseled: 


“'How do you eat an elephant?'

I shook my head, at a loss. 'One bite at a time,' she said."


The step-by-step process Johnson took to become educated in medicine so she could take up the reins of a new career and life are documented in a faith-driven story that will serve as high inspiration for women who reside in similar positions and feel the obstacles to resolution are insurmountable.


From changes in her medical career direction and the issues that arose from medical education to her pursuit of opportunity, freedom, and healing, Johnson provides a vivid account of a process that demonstrates how any woman can follow in her footsteps.


Johnson documents approaching bankers with logical business plans and spearheading an inclusive clinic environment to pursuing answers in her dealings with an unexpectedly raw, candid confessional tone. This permeates a story that is as open about personal and professional failings and questioning as it is about pursuing solutions: "I was so scared for my patient and appalled at my ignorance. I felt blindsided. I needed help and information."


The result is a memoir that comes from real world experiences, laces its account with reflections on encounters with different cultures and people from other walks of life, and cultivates a warm, encouraging, honest tone about the process of re-envisioning life and purpose on many different levels.


Libraries seeking stories of personal empowerment and transformational drive will find From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon a candid survey that embraces many practical life lessons and approaches other women can benefit from.



Review text - The US Review of Books

"Yes! There is a way when you cannot see a way."

Johnson married at a young age and, like many women of her era, experienced debilitating emotional abuse at the whim of an insecure, domineering husband. Many young women also summon the courage to escape such a situation, but Johnson does so with dogged determination toward a lofty goal that seems unreachable for a business-minded woman whose prior education consisted of two community college business courses a decade before. An appointment with a female cosmetic surgeon inspires Johnson to enroll at a local university in a pre-med program. Still walking on eggshells to appease her husband’s unpredictable temper, she can only study at home during early pre-dawn hours or when he’s at work. She often takes her young daughter to campus with her as well.

At once courageous and cheerful, this brief but inspiring memoir focuses upon the positive, as Johnson brushes aside the shadows of doubt and despair that manifest on her life path as lessons and launchpads for transformation. An enthusiastic proponent of both a strong relationship with God and a particular self-help book that she eventually shares with hundreds of her patients, Johnson manages to steer many near-disasters in her private and professional life into saves and successes. By example, she, in turn, empowers other women with similar histories. The narrative is chatty and personable, and the reading experience is a bit like trading stories over the fence with a kindly neighbor. Johnson’s love of humanity and her dedication to the field of emergency medicine and, later, her private aesthetics practice are proof that dreams can and do come true despite obstacles that seem insurmountable. Love and service made Johnson’s world turn around, and her energetic experience will fortify many women who are looking for a way to transform misery into joy.

Review text - Readers' Favorite

From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon by Victoria Johnson is an inspiring and transformative memoir that takes readers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, reinvention, and personal fulfillment. Johnson's narrative is candid and motivational, offering apowerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the possibilities that arise when one embraces change. From escaping an abusive marriage to pursuing education while striving for medical excellence and navigating the challenges of establishing a cosmetic surgery practice, the author showcases individuals who harness inner strength and support networks to triumph over their trials. Johnson's decision to enter the field and her subsequent experiences provide valuable insights into the medical profession, particularly the specialized field of cosmetic surgery. She shares the ethical considerations, challenges, and emotional aspects of working in this field, giving readers a glimpse into the dedication required to excel.The author's writing style is engaging and relatable, making her personal experiences accessible to readers from all walks of life. Victoria Johnson opens up about her struggles, doubts, and triumphs, creating a sense of authenticity that resonates throughout the book. The memoir also offers a unique perspective on the world of cosmetic surgery. Johnson's journey serves as a reminder that it's never too late to pursue one's dreams, regardlessof the obstacles that may arise. Her determination and unwavering commitment to self-improvement inspire readers to consider their paths and potential for transformation. From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon resonates with readers on multiple levels, encouraging them to embrace change, challenge societal norms, and strive for personal growth.