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Sheila Finch (Author)



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Aqueduct Press
5.75 X 8.5 in
336 pg

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One of our imperatives as humans is to communicate–with others, with animals, and eventually with aliens. Here, in Forkpoints, you will find stories of unlikely people–scientists and street people, athletes and musicians, the very old and the arrogant teen–meeting and connecting with others not like them at all.

Another major interest of Finch’s is what Robert Frost called “the road not taken,” that haunting sense we all have from time to time that maybe there were other paths we should have explored, other doorways we should have passed through, forkpoints where our choices changed our lives forever.

Science Fiction shows us many fantastic inventions that may come in the future, other worlds, other beings. But, even then, people will still be people, loving, making families, worrying about trifles, dealing with crises, making life-changing decisions as best they can.

Sheila Finch
Author Bio

Sheila Finch is the author of eight science fiction novels. Numerous of her short stories have appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Amazing, Asimov’s, Fantasy Book, and in many anthologies. A collection of the “lingster” stories about the young men and women trained as translators and interpreters to aliens appeared as The Guild of Xenolinguists; one of them, “Reading The Bones,” won a Nebula Award. She has also published non-fiction about writing and science fiction.