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Anne Tucker Roberts (Author)

Five Courageous Mothers

Five Courageous Mothers

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Five Courageous Mothers tells the story of five mothers who raised their Down Syndrome children.  Meet Hazel, Connie, Ann, Lisa and Jane.  Their tenacity and love will inspire even the bravest of us. 

There was no early intervention in the early days. There was no Doctor Spock to consult. And few in the medical field were even able to offer “Best Practices” for obstacles or impediments.  They author says, “When I heard Hazel’s astonishing story of creativity and perseverance I found it profound and inspiring.  It needed to be told.  Soon other mothers came forward.  They too took their infants with Down Syndrome home when families and doctors counseled them otherwise.”

These extraordinary women tell of navigating the world of unknowns with challenging fits and starts. They are the quiet heroes in neighborhoods like yours and mine.
They don’t carry on about SAT scores or even dresses for the prom. They aren’t worried about their teen drinking and driving but about them thriving.

Anne Tucker Roberts
Author Bio

Anne Tucker Roberts is a gifted teacher and writer. For nearly two decades she taught adolescents with developmental disabilities. After 12 years in this position, Anne was recognized as a Master Teacher and awarded a “Golden Apple” for professional excellence. Anne left this rewarding career to care for elderly parents. During that time, she began writing memoirs and completed two books, Five Courageous Mothers: Raising Children with Down Syndrome and Across the Spectrum: Mothers Of Autistic Children Speak! 

Roberts graduated from Boston College with a BA in Liberal Arts. She later earned a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Special Education. She and her husband John have resided for 30 years in Scituate, MA.