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Phillipa Warden (Author)
Grace Ward (Author)

Emma's Sunflower

Emma's Sunflower

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Purple Butterfly Press
8.25 X 10.25 in
36 pg

3 - 5 (Interest age, years)

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Emma’s Sunflower is a lovely story of how things we once thought lost can return to us in the most unexpected ways. From her garden, Emma sees how a family of Finches, one hungry Crow and some spilled seeds, can lead to a wonderful birthday surprise. Told with beautiful illustrations, your child will learn about the seasons, counting, nature and ultimately Hope, all told using a dyslexia-friendly font. The author is British, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for those subtle differences in spelling and expressions with your kids. Will you follow Emma on this learning journey to see how slight mistakes can turn into one of nature’s masterpieces?

Phillipa Warden Grace Ward
Author Bio

"Phillipa Warden (1971) attended the Royal College of Art and the ICE at Cambridge University studying Creative Writing. She wrote her first children's picture book Rupert's Snowman after her son refused to leave his snowman on the hill after a snow day. It is a fun and empathetic tale that launched in September 2020. She is currently editing her second book, for her daughter, having been playfully accused of favouritism towards Rupert.

Phillipa is also the portrait artist at Tortoise Media."

Grace Ward, the illustrator of Emma’s Sunflower and Rupert’s Snowman is dyslexic and she chose a font called Open Dyslexic to tell her stories. The unique shape of each letter can help prevent confusion through flipping and swapping letters because they have a heavier bottom. The dyslexic reader will be able to quickly work out which part of the word is down and this aids in recognizing the correct letter.