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Sharabi (corporate) (Author)

Deep Recovery

Deep Recovery

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Alpine Lake Publishing
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480 pg

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This book presents 820 quotes from 26 great minds covering the areas of spirituality, psychology, and philosophy: from Lao Tzu, Plato, Rumi, Epictetus, to Kierkegaard, Emerson, Nietzsche, Carl Jung, Osho, Maya Angelou and others. Each thought is elaborated upon to expand notions of spirituality for alcoholics in recovery. It offers stunning insights and revelations and is a rich resource for personal contemplation and growth. Illustrated with 26 portraits sketched by the author, it is organized so it can also be used as a daily reader. “This book has been an absolute gift for me and can be a gift to any other reader seeking a deeper connection to self and spirit, whether in recovery from addiction or not.” William C. Hale, Ph.D. “A very impressive book! These quotations and accompanying commentaries extend the wisdom of the 12-Step Recovery programs into deep and fertile areas that have been explored by many great thinkers, both ancient and modern.” Lawrence J. Nichta Jr., Ph.D.

Sharabi (corporate)
Author Bio

Sharabi is the pen name of a physicist who drank for years before being forced into treatment by his corporate employers. He joined the fellowship of AA in 1985 and has been sober ever since, attending meetings for over 36 years while exploring other personal growth and self-awareness disciplines.  He is Gestalt-trained, a Master-Practitioner of NLP, and a certified Life Coach. He is also the author of several books on alcoholism and recovery including the highly acclaimed, “Wit and Wisdom of Anonymous Alcoholics” and “Invitation to Sobriety.”