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Brad Mason (Author)

Charlie Chaloosy is Often Quite Choosy

Charlie Chaloosy is Often Quite Choosy

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Yorkshire Publishing
11 X 8.5 in
24 pg

0 - (Interest age, months)

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Meet Charlie Chaloosy, a boy who avoids strange foods or breaking routine. But when he opens up to a new friend, Charlie discovers the thrill of trying new things. Join him on a journey of bravery and fun, and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone. In the first book of Charlie Chaloosy’s Adventures, embrace the excitement that comes with taking risks—you never know what kind of joy awaits!

Brad Mason
Author Bio

My passion for children's literature stems from 30+ years in education and my re-entry into bedtime stories with the addition of my beautiful grandchildren. I created Charlie as a means for children to learn with Charlie by having a growth mindset when it comes to facing new experiences and learning new things. Children live in a world that is traveling ever faster and my desire is to help them slow down and enjoy childhood through the adventures of CharlieChaloosy. I hope children have fun with Charlie while engaging their minds through stories that encourage them to read, write, illustrate, and dream a little.

Review text - Readers' Favorite

Are you particular about what you eat, what you wear, and do? Charlie Chaloosy is very particular about everything. In Brad Mason’s Charlie Chaloosy is Often Quite Choosy, Charlie shares his choosy particularities. He will only eat peanut butter on toast. And he only has one outfit and one pair of shoes that he is willing to wear, even though his closet is full of choices. He’s even particular about his friends, to the point that he doesn’t have any. It’s rather a sad life when you think about it. Charlie needs to be a little bit more adventurous as we all do. He might not like some of the new things he tries, but at least he can say he tried. And trying is what makes life a real adventure, wouldn’t you agree?

Brad Mason’s picture book, Charlie Chaloosy is Often Quite Choosy, is a fun read packed full of sage advice. Told in rhyming verse and using multiple rhyming word groups, this book is a lyrical treasure.

The message is quite simple: be adventurous and try something

new. By following Charlie’s dull life of sameness, young readers will

see the benefits of trying something new. The language is simple,

repetitive, and fun and the bright, bold, colorful illustrations add

another dimension to the story. At the end of the book, Charlie

challenges his readers to write their own little stories and draw a

picture of some of their choosy moments. A great interactive

exercise for young readers.