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Blanche Linden (Author)
Steve Dunwell (Author)

Boston Freedom Trail

Boston Freedom Trail

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Back Bay Press
8.5 X 11 in
48 pg

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Filled with historical illustrations and compelling photographs, and guided by an accurate historical text, "Boston Freedom Trail" takes the reader on a tour of all 16 sites on the Freedom Trail, with exclusive access to interiors and unique aerial images for context. The lively and readable text provides context in an accurate historical setting. 

Blanche Linden Steve Dunwell
Author Bio

Blanche M. G. Linden, PhD, earned her master’s in history from the University of Cincinnati, and her doctorate in the history of American civilization from Harvard University. Her doctoral dissertation eventually became Silent City on a Hill: Picturesque Landscapes in Memory and Boston’s Mount Auburn Cemetery (1989). She was also a highly respected and enthusiastic teacher wherever she taught, including at Brandeis University, Middlebury College, the University of New Hampshire, Florida Atlantic University, and Emerson College in Boston. 

Steve Dunwell makes images of historical subjects, architecture and aerial views, with a special emphasis on Boston subjects.  He has created 17 photo books, including "Extraordinary Boston" and "The Run of the Mill." His work is widely published in magazines and corporate media.