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An April Across America

An April Across America

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In April 2005, Matthew Stevenson author of the acclaimed Letters of Transit and Mentioned in Dispatches , both collections of travel essays flew from his adopted home in Switzerland to his native United states and set out on a cross-country journey by car. Written in the accessible style of a long letter home, this book combines the narratives if travel, memoir, sports and history, which blend together in Stevenson s wry sense of observation.
Matthew Stevenson
Author Bio

“Whistle-Stopping America has the allure of Matthew Stevenson's masterful writing and his beguiling insights into travel, the next stop, and family. He has an unfailing eye for detail, analysis, and the joys around us, all sprinkled with wit and humor.  His zest for life will trap you.”

        —Jack Owens, author, Don’t Shoot, We’re Republicans

 “Matthew Stevenson's wit and perception sparkle like his writing.”

        —Simon Hoggart, columnist, The Guardian

 “A traveler in time as well as space, Matthew Stevenson finds in the landscape of the present the rich inheritance of the past.”

         —Lewis Lapham, editor and founder,Lapham’s Quarterly