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Chris West (Author)

Adding Spice to Your Woodturning

Adding Spice to Your Woodturning

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Artisan Ideas
8.75 X 11 in
68 pg

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Woodturning is a very popular hobby in the USA and making salt and pepper shakers is one of the most common projects woodturners enjoy doing. This book belongs on the shelf of every American woodturner, and in the woodworking section of bookstores and libraries.

Chris West, the author of 'Adding Spice to Your Woodturning', is Europe's go-to guy for turning salt and pepper shakers.  If you know him through his woodturning articles in American woodturning magazines you will already appreciate his practical approach which gets you working on projects right away.

This book presents 15 original and unique projects for turning salt and pepper shakers plus 5 additional projects on making spice shakers and other condiment accessories for either the home or the restaurant. Hone your skills turning these unique, beautiful and useful objects for family and friends, or to sell through your site or at markets.   

Adding Spice to your Woodturning” was designed for use in the workshop. The book is hardcover, the pages are made of heavy-duty art paper, and the book is spiral bound (hidden spiral system of binding) so the pages will lay flat and won’t turn while you are working on a particular project. There are projects here for beginning, intermediate and experienced turners but regardless of the skill level of the project each one will result in a beautiful object that will give you great satisfaction and words of praise from those who see it. 

Chris West
Author Bio

Chris has been enjoying his craft for over 35 years. During the last dozen or so Chris has specialized in designing and turning salt and pepper mills and shakers.

His career began in the computer industry. - He started out by serving a five year apprenticeship as an electromechanical engineer.

Yes, computers did have moving parts in those days! One important aspect of that work was the necessity of working within tight tolerances. This gave Chris the necessary skills for turning matching pairs of shakers. After taking early retirement he now spends a good deal of his time in his workshop.

Chris’s schedule also includes taking his wood-turning experience to ‘outside’ groups by giving talks to interested social organizations. Many of Chris’s shakers have appeared in the UK's Woodturning magazine. He feels that through this book he can share his knowledge and experience with many woodturners, budding and experienced alike.

He is also an active member of the Hampshire Woodturners Association, the Test Valley Woodturners and an international member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).

Review text - The Tidewater Turner

“Easy to read and understand with numerous drawings and color photos, including measurements in both Metric and US Standard. Did you know that in the UK pepper is found in a shaker with multiple holes on top while in the US the pepper shaker has a single hole? Chris covers 21 bullet points on safety, and then a few pages, with the tools used, terminologies, a section dedicated to the selection of wood and lastly, the types of materials and finishes used to complete the shakers. The heart of the book encompasses complete plan guides to the turning of 20 different types of shakers, with skill levels of beginner, intermediate and expert. I recommend that you purchase a copy. These shakers would make great gifts and this book would be a nice addition to your woodturning library.” 

Review text - The Gulf Coast Woodturner

“A very well put together book on how to turn salt, pepper, and spice shakers, as well as a few bonus projects. The book was very well thought out. Chris touches on all the aspects of producing these shakers. He takes the turner through wood selection, shape and functionality. The book has great illustrations and detailed measurements when needed. He leaves no one out with help for beginners through advanced turners. I would recommend adding this book to your turning library.”

Review text - Turning Times

“These shakers would make attractive, useful gifts, could be made relatively quickly without a bunch of fancy tools, and might be made from wood you have lying around your shop. Mr. West presents an impressive range of interesting shapes and construction techniques. He even has designs for spice shakers that have airtight seals to keep the spices in them from going stale. The shakers in this book don’t require expensive, fancy mechanisms, and likely will work just fine even if your measurements are not precise.”

Review text - Northwest Woodturners Newsletter

"In addition to presenting 20 projects for the kitchen and table, there are good sections on health and safety, tools, wood, and other basics. The book format has an ideal protective hard cover which is spiral bound so that it's easy to use in the workshop without fighting the binding. Projects are labeled indicating level of difficulty so someone new to turning may choose where to start. The photos and diagrams are excellent. Most all of the book shows how you can incorporate other special interests into your project, making your turnings more special to recipients of a gift, or to potential customers making a purchase."

Review text - North Carolina Woodturners Newsletter

"This book presents a variety of projects for salt, pepper, and spice shakers that often require only a simple and easily sourced bung or stopper. West clearly presents detailed instructions for a variety of interesting shaker projects. These are clearly marked as beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. I really appreciated the drawings and instructions for drilling the holes in the tops of the shakers. All the projects are aesthetically pleasing, and the beginner projects especially produce a functional product that will help a new turner develop their skills. The bungs needed to complete most of the shakers are inexpensive, and a helpful list of suppliers is listed in the back of the book. I enjoyed reading the book, and I would recommend it to turners of any skill level looking for a small, yet challenging project."