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Anne Tucker Roberts (Author)

Across the Spectrum

Across the Spectrum

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It seems we all know someone “on the spectrum,” right? But what do we really know about autism?  Anne Tucker Roberts’ new book, Across the Spectrum, follows six families who have raised children with autism from the early 1970s to the 21st century. It looks at those diagnosed early in life and later; it explores autistic differences in boys and girls; it talks about autistic labels, alternative treatments, and current therapeutic approaches.  There are tales of uncertainty and perseverance, heartbreak and empowerment, setbacks, and stunning successes. 

Across the Spectrum is essential reading for mothers and their families, teachers, therapists, and others working with those on the spectrum.  Why? You will see that many of us underestimate a person’s potential and as we learn that autism is a spectrum of abilities and disabilities.   And you will be encouraged by the never-ending love of the author, the mother of an autistic child.

Anne Tucker Roberts
Author Bio

Anne Tucker Roberts is a gifted teacher and writer. For nearly two decades she taught adolescents with developmental disabilities. After 12 years in this position, Anne was recognized as a Master Teacher and awarded a “Golden Apple” for professional excellence. Anne left this rewarding career to care for elderly parents. During that time, she began writing memoirs and completed two books, Five Courageous Mothers: Raising Children with Down Syndrome and Across the Spectrum: Mothers Of Autistic Children Speak! 

Roberts graduated from Boston College with a BA in Liberal Arts. She later earned a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Special Education. She and her husband John have resided for 30 years in Scituate, MA.