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Heidi Bullen (Author)
Lisa Wentzell (Author)
Claudia Diller (Author)

A Dog and His Boy

A Dog and His Boy

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McSea Books
7.75 X 9.5 in
32 pg

K - 4 (US school grade range)

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No matter where they go, Scotty and his special stuffed dog, Spillway, always have fun together. Although Scotty was born with a chromosomal disorder that causes developmental delays, with Spillway by his side, there are always adventures to be had! Join Spillway as he takes you on a journey through Scotty’s life where they experience acceptance, empathy, and inclusion during their unique time together.

Heidi Bullen Lisa Wentzell Claudia Diller
Author Bio

Heidi Bullen is a National Board Certified third-grade teacher at Crescent Park Elementary School in Bethel, Maine. She has been a teacher for twenty-four years. She lives in the mountains of Maine with her husband and two dogs and cherishes visits from her grown son and daughter. This is her third book.

Lisa Krikorian Wentzell is a full-time mom with a fulltime career caring for Scotty, her special-needs son. Together with her husband, Scott, they are dedicated to assuring Scotty enjoys all that life has to offer. Everyone's life journey is different, and although their family journey is challenging, Lisa triumphs in uncovering hidden joys. She feels blessed with loving and supportive family, friends, teachers, and community, and with amazing programs that allow Scotty to downhill ski, ride horses, and surf. Lisa’s empowering message in A Dog and His Boy is inclusion for children like Scotty.

Claudia Diller has lived in Maine for over fifty years and currently resides in Kingfield, where she writes and illustrates a weekly blog and paints her annual art calendar and note cards. She has written and illustrated one book and illustrated four others.