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Sarah Sirois (Author)

A Dog and Her Human

A Dog and Her Human

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Bigelow Publishing
8.75 X 8.75 in
32 pg

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A heartwarming story of the boundless love shared between a dog and her human. 

When Hendrix doesn't get off the bus, Jelly knows something is wrong. Quicker than you can say, "huckleberry," she sets off to find him. Cold and barefoot in the gym, Jelly finds Hendrix trapped. On her back, she carries him all the way home. Follow this adventurous duo as they travel through a magical town, where alligators eat at food stands and bulls have tea parties!"

Sarah Sirois
Author Bio

Sarah Sirois is an author and illustrator of children's fiction books based in Bowdoin, Maine. Originally from Northern Maine, she made her way south to pursue her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Sarah's writing is inspired by her children, animals, and nature. They are filled with adventure, magical characters, bright illustrations, and morals for young children to learn from. When she isn't caring for her patients, she is home playing with her children, outside enjoying the outdoors with her family, or creating something in her studio.