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Mindy Bingham (Author)
Sandy Stryker (Author)
Penelope Colville Paine (Author)
Itoko Maeno (Author)

Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

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The Paper Posie Publishing Company
8 X 10 in
32 pg

0 - 8 (Interest age, years)

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Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes is a great way to begin teaching children about the natural wonders they will inherit. Newly revised to reflect important environmental aspects of today’s eco messages, this fully illustrated picture book will initiate an appreciation of our planet in both children and adults. The rhymes carry the sing-song cadence and whimsy that help language development for kids ages

1-5. The watercolor illustrations depict all the nursery rhyme favorites from lady bugs to elephants. At the end of the book, the authors have added a Rhyme Time Quiz, questions to ask older children, and resources of places to visit locally and online. More than ever, it is important to instill a love of nature in the minds of those who will ultimately decide her fate.

Mindy Bingham Sandy Stryker Penelope Colville Paine Itoko Maeno
Author Bio

Social entrepreneur and author, Mindy’s titles have sold over two and a half million copies worldwide. She is the recipient of numerous national, regional, and local awards including a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Innovative Approaches to Curricula by the United States Congress.

Creator and award-winning author of sixteen children’s titles and a book shepherd and art director for many more, Penny holds a Fine Arts degree from Goldsmiths College, London.

She founded Paper Posie in 1999 to fill the need for products specifically designed for children at weddings. She has a fine arts degree from the University of London. In creating the many imaginative products for the company, Penny combines a great eye for style and her background in education to provide quality designs that reflect the cultural diversity of today's weddings. Her unique products offer great solutions for keeping children entertained at weddings.

A celebrated water colorist, Itoko has been a Teaching Artist with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for over twenty years. She has also illustrated more than twenty picture books. Four of these have won national awards. My Way Sally, by Mindy Bingham and Penelope Paine, received the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Picture Book. A world traveler, Itoko’s international flair, attention to detail, and sense of fun add special charm to her work.

Review text - Midwest Book Review

Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

Mindy Bingham, Penelope Colville Paine and Sandy Stryker

Paper Posie Publishing Company

978-0-9707944-9-9                $19.95

This picture book treasure of environmentally aware nursery rhymes originally appeared in 1990, but remains as relevant to young audiences of modern times as it did in the past. It's a delight to see it reincarnated in 2023 in a lovely presentation illustrated with equally compelling and timeless art by Itoko Maeno.

The poetic approach to plants, animals, and the natural world brings each to life with a delicate twist of rhyme and insight that helps early learners absorb the basics about environmental importance and preservation. Today, more than ever, this inviting message needs to fall upon young ears; not deaf ones.

Read-aloud adults will find these twists on familiar nursery rhymes to be enlightening and educational, as well. Take the classic 'Little Miss Muffet' for an idea of how nature, here, is represented as being appealing rather than threatening:

"Little Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet

Eating a berry sorbet

Along came a spider

Who sat down beside her

To frighten the houseflies away."

Readers might initially question why such approaches are tailored to babies and the very young, who are hardly in the position of becoming even early advocates. The reason is: because these are the future stewards of the world. There is no inappropriate time for starting this education and appreciation, much less developing cognizance about the importance of the world beyond human use and intentions.

This is why the compelling rhymes and focus of Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes not only needs, but deserves a place in any child's library. Its ability to gently instruct and cultivate a better attitude towards nature and its appreciation and preservation can't be introduced at a young enough age.

D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Review text - UK Zoologist

Over twenty years spent working in zoos and aquariums I’ve witnessed on countless magical occasions the innate curiosity and empathy that young children have for wildlife. These wonderful rhymes and their beautiful illustrations are perfectly crafted to help nurture that love and understanding of the next generation of guardians of our natural world. 

Nicky Needham, Zoologist, United Kingdom

Review text - PGCE

“Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes” is a delightful and educational children's book that beautifully

combines the charm of classic nursery rhymes with an important message about caring for our

natural world.

Within the pages of this enchanting collection, young readers embark on a journey through the

wonders of nature. From the playful scamper of woodland creatures to the gentle rustle of leaves

in the wind, each rhyme paints vivid pictures of the natural world. The carefully crafted verses

not only make for joyful reading but also serve as a poignant reminder of the vital role we play in

preserving our environment.

Illustrated with gorgeous, watercolor images inviting young readers to explore the great outdoors

with curiosity and wonder.

This book is an invaluable tool for parents and educators seeking to inspire a deep connection to

nature, and a sense of responsibility toward its protection.

With its engaging rhymes, and timeless themes, it’s destined to become a cherished addition to

any child's library, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for nature and a commitment to safeguarding

our precious planet.