Diane Robbins Jones

Writing served as an outlet for Diane Robbins Jones since she was young. Over the years, she amassed multiple journals containing poetry, song lyrics, and hundreds of pages for a memoir she plans on releasing, "when the time is right."
Like many, Jones has a bucket list. Publishing a book has been on it for quite a while. The "universe" apparently thought she needed a nudge--enter Rudy. As she likes to say, "I didn't pick Rudy, Rudy picked me."
After working together for a year, something clicked in Jones. A story started flowing through her, begging to be shared. As she reflected on what she knew of Rudy's life, she began seeing parallels between things he'd gone through and things children go through. The two have more in common than one would think.
Jones' goals for writing Rudy: A Big Horse with a Big Heart was to have kids fall in love with Rudy, and make him relatable by sharing his emotions. At the same time, Jones wanted to educate children about horses.
Jones lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She is an animal lover, and passionate about protecting the environment. She frequently enjoys her time off in northern Vermont and is an avid downhill skier. Jones travels extensively in both the United States and abroad.