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Lisa Toth (Author)

The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce

The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce

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Yorkshire Publishing
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144 pg

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In The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce, bestselling author Lisa Toth tells readers her story of falling in love with a population of people often overlooked and under valued. Toth not only saw value in the differently-abled, but also their potential to bring something society needed to the table.  Always one to root for the underdog, she saw a way she could help by identifying the right jobs and find onramps for them to join the workforce.  Toth created a staffing agency to do just this - help this gifted group of people find work that they can be proud of and find fulfilling. 

The book is written in a memoir style, full of stories and lessons learned.  Be prepared to be inspired as you learn about the good, the bad and the ugly.  Toth shares it all with refreshing honesty, while making a compelling case for embracing diversity and inclusivity for this often underemployed population.

Lisa Toth
Author Bio

In The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce, radio show host, Lisa Toth shares how she created a staffing agency specifically for the developmentally disabled population. Over years is this field, Toth has helped thousands of individuals with disabilities find work that is not only a good fit for their strengths, but also work they find fulfilling. Readers will enjoy this collection of stories, and lessons learned along the way by Toth. She, alongside her clients, has faced many obstacles and challenges that make the successes extra sweet.